Edison robots at home

Whether you are looking for a fun family STEM activity or a pathway for coding education, Edison robots offer at-home educational options for students of any age and skill level!

Choose an EdVenture that works for you

There’s so much you can learn and do at home with Edison robots!

To help you work out the best options for your needs, we’ve created three different EdVenture styles. Each one has lessons and activities carefully selected from our range of educational resources to support hands-on learning with Edison robots. You can also mix-and-match to build your own custom at-home curriculum!

Learn to code with Edison robots and EdScratch.

Learn to code with EdScratch

What it is:
A curated set of the EdScratch student lessons. The lessons use the EdScratch programming app which is easy to learn while offering a robust platform for computer science education.

A good choice if:
You want a more structured and longer-term pathway for coding education.

Best for students 10+ years old.
The EdScratch student worksheets are designed for independent use by students who can read at a fifth-grade level.

Fun family STEM activities using Edison robots.

Fun STEM for the family

What it is:
Activities for the whole family to enjoy centred around STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) using Edison robots.

A good choice if:
You want stand-alone activities which emphasise hands-on discovery and learning-through-play.

Good for ages 5+ with an adult’s help.

Open-ended projects to try with Edison robots.

Deep-dive projects

What it is:
Open-ended projects using Edison robots as a tool to invent and create.

A good choice if:
You want a bigger project that can be worked on over the course of several days or weeks. These projects are ideal for students who already have an interest in coding, robotics, making and inventing.

Best for ages 10+, but possible for ages 5+ with an adult’s help.

New to Edison?

Discover how to get your robot ready for your learning EdVenture!

These two videos will introduce you to your Edison robot and teach you how to download and run a program in your robot.

You can also find out more about your Edison robot’s built-in sensors, outputs and motors and download the free Getting started with Edison guide for a complete introduction to your robot’s capabilities and a step-by-step walk-through for setting up your device for programming fun.

Getting started with Edison

This video will walk you through the basics for getting started with Edison. 

How to program your Edison robot

This two-part video will first show you how to download a program from one of the programming languages to your Edison robot. In the second part of this video, you will learn what is actually happening when you download a program to your robot.

Got a question? Feel free to contact us. One of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Did you create something amazing? Have an idea for a project we could share? Send us your ideas, pics and videos at or add them to the online community of Edison awesomeness on Pinterest, FacebookTwitterInstagram or YouTube.

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